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Rebuilt from the ground up, the WooCommerce Discus Comments and Ratings is packed with even more features.

The plugin adds administrative functionality to the WooCommerce settings allowing you to target where the comment thread and comment counts can be displayed.

This allows you to show how customers are conversing over your products. It is great for digital downloads and a community forum for self-service support and suggested enhancements.

This adds additional functionality and support to the legacy plugin WooCommerce Disqus. Users of the legacy plugin that have a paid version of this extension will have a one click option to import their previous rules.

See full features list below.


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Place the Disqus Comment Thread on Product page:

The original functionality of this  plugin to remove bad Disqus from the stanard plugin on WooCommerce pages still exists. Additionally, this plugin can stand on its own and add Disqus to WooCommerce pages without the original Disqus plugin.

Extending the functionality this plugin allows you to control where comment thread is injected into tabs or other targeted areas of the Product Detail Page.

Show Comment count on Product List Page & Product Detail Page:

Many new features have been added that include new ways for comments to be assiciated with posts. This allows you to target how comments are rolled up and displayed from Disqus on Parent Products, Similar Products, or Child Variants.

Send us your comments & ideas:

Please let me know if there are any feature requests or changes that can be add to this product by sending a contact message or commenting in the thread below.