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Click the link below and you will receive a 60% off box of food! Up to $100 in value. No leashes attached.

One of our favorite brands/companies that we use and love. Dyson is especially in love whit this food. He wouldn’t eat anything else.

Guided by science.
Driven by love.

Using decades of pet nutrition research (and a little common sense), our founders worked with top vet nutritionists to create a convenient and perfectly-formulated fresh pet food service.

All of our dog-specific recipes are made with ingredients that are high-quality enough for humans to eat, and cooked in a safe, regulated kitchen that’s exclusively used for human-grade food production. And for freshness and convenience, it’s then delivered direct to your door.

We’re using quality and safety standards never before seen in the pet food industry — and the result is food safe enough that humans could eat it, but perfectly nutritionally balanced for dogs.

Best of the best because:

  • Whole and healthy ingredients
  • Best eco friendly packaging
  • Fresh weekly delivery
  • Scientifically formulated for your pup
  • Puppy Profile