Bank Card (Credit Card) Layout PLUS with ENV Chip – PSD Template


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After great success of my first Free Magnetic Strip Card Template, I created this updated Plus version that includes a “Signature” Card template, EMV chip, and two new background additions. The card templates are based off of a Gold Card level and Black Card level member status designs. The Black Card takes its inspiration from the CHASE Sapphire Preferred card style.

The template includes all of the following features :

  • Front + Back
  • EMV Chip
  • New Signature Black Card Design
  • Smart Layer Card Number
  • Smart Layer Expiration Date
  • Smart Layer Cardholder Name
  • Smart Layer Background Image
  • Light / Dark Raised Type Options
  • 2 Background Textures in Wood Grain & Marble
  • Layout 1 Marble (Light & Dark)
  • Layout 2 Wood Grain (Light & Dark)
  • Clearly Labeled PSD Layers

PSD Layers

  • Red = Editable Smart Layer Content
  • Orange = Visibility Options for Text  Color & Backgrounds

Background Features

  • Background Marble (Light and Dark – Light Shown)
  • Background Wood Grain (Light and Dark – Light Shown)