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Checkout Field Visibility for WooCommerce

The Biggest update to the Checkout Field Visibility Settings yet.

The plugin adds administrative functionality to the WooCommerce checkout allowing for conditional logic to unset Billing and Shipping Fields. Multiple rule sets can be applied to the same checkout allowing one condition or many to unset a single field or multiple fields at the same time.

This no-coding approach helps achieve removing checkout features not needed for country specific checkouts or if trying to get email acquisitions with a freemium model.

This adds additional functionality and support to the legacy plugin WooCommerce Hide Bulling Fields. Users of the legacy plugin that have a paid version of this extension will have a one click option to import their previous rules.

See more details below.

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My 2017 Personalization Speaking Tour, Corra Event

My 2017 Personalization Speaking Tour, Corra Event

I have had a whirlwind year with some amazing speaking opportunities. The talks started with Monetate and an East-coast tour, where I spoke inNew York City, Boston, and Chicago. My little speaking tour came full-circle with a Corra Sponsored event in New York City.

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WooCommerce Hide Billing Fields

Plugin is Depreciated and thus no longer supported.

Please download the new version here =

This WooCommerce extension allows you to hide billing fields in the WooCommerce checkout flow. Hiding input fields can be accomplished on a field by field bases. The hidden billing fields plugin also includes the ability to deactivate the hiding features if an address is required or the total of the checkout is not a zero sum value. Read More Blow